Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Topsy Turvy

I was so excited to be below 200 at my first weigh-in after the new year. I worked hard to follow the plan and to get back on track. Losing the 2 extra holiday pounds was enough incentive to make me want to do more. I followed the plan and really cut back on meat the next week. I could feel a difference in my body and how I felt. Again, I couldn't wait for weigh-in day.

Then, my (our) world crashed on Tuesday, Jan. 15, when we lost my grandson. None of us had an appetite. I wasn't hungry at all and didn't even think about food. The next day, all sorts of food showed up with offers of condolences. Of course, I went for the worst items in the box of pastries. Then my daughter called me out. She caught me each time I ate something that wasn't healthy. When I went to weigh in last Thursday, I had lost 5 pounds! How amazing! I passed my next goal of 195. For the first time in 20 years (I think), I weighed less than 195.

When I was back in school, 1990-2000, I gained 10 pounds a year for the first 7 years. I was so busy with school and my family that I didn't even realize it. Once I did, though, the weight gain stopped. But, by then, I was at 220. Over the next few years, I slowly gained 22 more pounds, and that was while dieting!

I feel like I finally have a lifeline and a healthy way to lose weight. This plan will not only make me slimmer, but it will make me healthier as well. Thank you "D" for telling me about Perfect Solutions.

Since last Thursday, with everything topsy turvy, I tried to eat healthy with the food choices that were presented. Sometimes, I ate without even thinking. I did have a couple of brownies to compare Bill Miller to "gourmet" and found both lacking. I have to admit that I didn't just have 2 bites then throw them away as PS is trying to teach me. I ate the whole thing. They didn't taste as good as I expected - kind of waxy and tasteless. So, unless they're absolutely the best in the world and homemade in the future, I'll pass.

Constipation became a problem again. I gained 4 pounds over the weekend, and I attributed it to the constipation. Because it's been a problem and Cecilia counseled me about it, I followed her plan of limited protein and lots of fruit and veggies, with much relief. Of course, I immediately hopped on the scale to see if this relief presented itself as a 5-pound loss. But not so. Oh well, I do feel much better.

Tonight is our nutrition class, and I'm really looking forward to that. We'll take a field trip to HEB to learn how to shop. Since I joined PS, I really only shop the outside perimeter of the store, fruits/veggies, lean meat, and almond milk. Of course, I HAVE to have coffee and the paper and household products. But I don't go down the majority of the isles. Once my son moves, I won't even have to go down them at all. Have I said this before, or is this deja vu?

Thanks for being a part of my life and lifestyle change.


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