Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jekyll & Hyde

Friday was our Christmas luncheon at Saltgrass. I looked at the menu and almost said I didn't want to go because there wasn't anything I could eat. Cecelia at PS said not to go out to eat because we can't control what restaurants put in their food. They had 3 things I wanted - baked sweet potato (which I ordered dry; I brought cinnamon and stevia), dinner salad (with croutons & cheese; I didn't eat the croutons), and grilled asparagus. The asparagus was delicious, but it was way too spicy with salt and something that was a little hot. The salad was good with vinegar & oil. The potato came with butter at first, and I sent it back. Everyone around me commented on my choice when I could have anything on the lunch menu. I want to lose another 4 lbs this week if possible, and this lunch was a way I could do that.

After work I went to Kaycie's to babysit. Jeff fixed Roc a bowl of cereal for dinner, so I was left to fend for myself. I looked in their pantry, and all I could see was a container of Party Mix. Even though there was lots of food, I fixated on that container. I finally had a bite that turned into about 10 handfuls. Then when Roc wanted a glass of milk, I noticed a tin with 2 sugar cookies and a quarter pound of butterscotch fudge. They all looked like they'd been there a long time, so I passed. But they kept calling my name. I couldn't get them out of my mind, so I ate all but one cookie.

I wish I lost a pound for every time I heard someone say they'd start a diet after the holidays. I'd be at my goal by now. Cecelia told me that I was so far ahead of the game because if I waited until after the holidays, I'd just have more to lose. And I don't want that.

Friday night's slip was just that - a slip. I've been back on track and going full speed ahead. Well, actually, probably not. I'm still not exercising, and I still don't drink water. Imagine how much weight I'd lose if I was doing all three - eating healthy, exercising & drinking water.

The good news is I ordered a 33" flat screen HD TV with a built-in DVD player, so I'll be able to watch exercise DVDs. My TVs are too old for cable and accessories, so it's a hassle to use the DVDs. I should have it by Christmas.


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