Saturday, April 13, 2013


Not only do I learn about food, new food, and ways to cook them at Perfect Solutions, I'm learning about my body and some ways to keep it healthy.

The lesson this past Thursday was plastics. We have all heard about how plastic is bad for us and that we shouldn't microwave in it. Cecilia shared a handout that talked about the types of plastic and their dangers. Most plastic containers have a triangle on the bottom with a number in it. The numbers range from 1-7. We should look for 2, 3 & 5 or the "BPA Free" notation. These are safer. We should NEVER reuse water bottles (OMG!) because they're only intended for one-time use. I've put at least 10 used water bottles in the recycle bin this weekend. I assumed that because of the dangers, the plastic industry had taken care of fixing it. But does China care? How about the old plastic we've had for years?

At first I thought I was going to have to get rid of everything and replace it with glass, but I actually have some that are safe. Thank God. I went through my cupboards and found the newer Tupperware bowls are 5, HEB's dip containers are 5, the softer Rubbermaid containers are 5, and so are the Glad reusable bowls and the containers deli meat comes in. The older Tupperware containers don't have numbers, and the harder plastic Rubbermaid containers are 7, which is bad. I have some plastic cups that are 5, and some without numbers (which are leaving my kitchen).

My Bill Miller cups are either 7 or don't have numbers - bad; the hard plastic drinking cups we can get with straws at CVS or Walgreen's are 5. HEB has plastic Mason jar cups with lids and straws that are 5, but they are 9.99 each!

This is definitely something to think about! I've gathered the "bad" plastics and put them in the garage. I don't know if I should throw them away or give them away. If I give them away, they might harm someone else - and that would be bad. So, for now, I've boxed them up to decide later.


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