Monday, March 18, 2013

Halfway to 135!!!

During lunch, I had a couple of deliveries to make, so I walked to the buildings. I even stretched it a bit by walking to another building to drop off a couple brochures while I was out. The walk was good for 3030 steps. Thank goodness because I will barely hit 6,000 today.

I realized yesterday that I was close to halfway to my goal of 135. So today, while walking during  lunch, I was trying to figure it out in my head. I finally had to get out a calculator -  242.4-135=107.4. 107.4/2=53.7. 242.4-53.7=188.7. I'm unofficially at 188.8, which is 0.1 from halfway!!! Can you believe it?

I didn't go to the hospital this evening because my sister said my dad is sleeping most of the time, so I worked until 8:30. I'm off next week, and I have enough work to be able to save some of my vacation time next week. And I got so much done, I'm so happy.

Oh, I almost forgot - I got into another pair of jeans that I had to struggle to get past my hips (forget zipping) before. This morning, they zipped with no problem, but they are a bit snug. This part is fun.

I’m not too excited about trying on clothes in stores yet; I'm still shopping in my closet.. My next purchase is going to be Spanx (I have a spare tire to deal with for Easter and a couple of light-colored pants that need smoothing aids), new panties, and a good bra. It will be nice to have clothes that are in style.

Tomorrow I have an appointment after work, then I'll head to the hospital to visit Daddy. He can use any prayers available. 


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