Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm Wearing the Black Jeans!

I've been wanting to get new black slacks because the pairs I have are tired looking, even though they're new. This morning, I wanted to wear black slacks with a cute jacket when I realized my black slacks were still wet in the washing machine. DANG! I looked in my "shopping" closet and saw the black jeans that I kept hoping to get into around Christmas. I had completely forgotten about them. Well, they fit!!! I didn't  even have to struggle to put them on! I was so excited!

My daughter constantly compliments me. I feel so much better, and better about myself.

This losing weight thing has been fun . . . I'm happy with the food choices, mainly because I am satisfied and I'm seeing results. Although I haven't lost weight in the past month, my body is shifting and catching up with itself.

It's been a long time since I thought about getting to my goal weight so I can get back to eating. I realized that eating the way I did was the reason I was the way I was. I'm enjoying the freshness of salads with balsamic vinegar instead of dressing. I've really been enjoying veggie smoothies. I resisted fixing them for a long time. Now I have one or two a day. When I'm hungry, I fix another salad. I can't remember the last time I ate beef. When I go out to eat, the restaurant has to have a great salad or salad bar.

I still love chocolate. OMG! The other day there were tacos in the break room and I wasn't even tempted to get a taco, but I did eat the chocolates that were with the tacos. They were probably from Valentine's Day. The first one was raspberry filled, which I spit out. I ate the other two without incident. I decided that my only "cheat" would be dark chocolate. As long as I have that, I think I can continue this for a long while.


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