Sunday, March 17, 2013

10,227 steps!

OK, that's 2 days in a row with more than 10,000 steps! I'm cramping from patting myself on the back.

Honestly, I thought hitting 10K was a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. Then I realized it didn't kill me, and if I can do it again, I should go for it. When I realized I wasn't going to make it at the rate I was going, I got back out of my PJs at 4:00 this afternoon after my nap and headed to the mall. I shopped around JC Penney's and then headed to Sears. I'm on a mission to find flesh-colored shoes, and I'd accomplish 2 goals by getting back out of the house. I also went to DollarTree again. This walking session only cost me 7.98. I'm getting better. I've been carrying a cute butterfly printed reusable bag just in case I found something I couldn't live without, but I left most everywhere empty bagged. I thought it was the bag. And that wouldn't be a bad thing.

According to style experts, flesh colored shoes (whatever color is closest to your skin tone) make you look taller, and I can use all the help I can get. Of course, my shoe needs are specific, not too high, wide heel, not a wedge, something that doesn't show my bunion, something strappy, something that will go with pants or a skirt. I've been to DSW, Shoe Carnival, Sears, JC Penney, Wal-Mart, Rack Room. Honestly, I don't recognize myself. I usually buy utilitarian, comfortable shoes, and that's it. But since I've lost weight, I've set higher standards, and I've tried on just about anything short of 4-inch heels.

I have Holy Week off, so if I don't find something this week, I'll head out Holy Week to find the perfect shoes. If nothing else, I'll have to wear my black patent strappy shoes, but I really want something springy, strappy, and flesh colored. Is that too much to ask? I did try on a wedge platform at DSW that really looked good with my slacks, and I think they would have looked good with a skirt, but I'm not crazy about wedges. What gets me is I had a pair that were pretty, but before I started losing weight, I gave them away because I didn't expect I'd ever want to wear them. Maybe they wouldn't fit anyway because of that darn bunion, and just maybe they were out of style. I haven't tried Dillard's or Payless yet. If I don't find anything there, I guess I'll head to North Star Mall to see what they have. I think they still have specialty shoe stores. I don't want to order anything online because my shoe size has changed since I've lost 54 lbs!!!

OMG enough about shoes.

Anyway, I'll probably work extra hours this week so I don't have to use too much vacation next week, plus I  don't want to miss deadlines. I'll visit my dad Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Those visits are good for about 1500 steps or so, although it feels like 2500 at least.


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