Monday, April 8, 2013

I wrapped my towel around me

An item on my Christmas list a few years ago was a towel large enough to go around me. I got a towel that ALMOST went around me. I didn't like that even though I could connect the top, there was a big gap around the middle. Not much privacy. I had to wear the towel with the opening on the side - not that I was EVER in the situation where I was wrapped in only a towel. But a girl can dream.

This morning, I stepped out of the shower and my bath sheet (a very large towel) wasn't available. I forgot to get it out of the dryer, so I grabbed a regular towel from the stack. It wrapped around me! Not only did it meet around the middle, there was a 4-inch overlap! I was so excited. These little things make the lifestyle changes I've made so worth it all.

During lunch a friend and I walked to 3 buildings dropping off Avon catalogs, and then after work, another friend and I walked around the block. He needs to work off stress, and I need the steps, so it was a good match.

I need to work on my flabby arms, so I decided to do the Shake Weight that I had to have a couple of years ago. I really struggled to do it for a minute. I hope once I work to the amount of time I'm supposed to do it to see results, that I'll see results. I was just watching a YouTube video of a young lady demonstrating the Shake Weight workout. OMG! Her arms were amazing. What guns! I can't wait!


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