Saturday, March 16, 2013

0.5 more and I'm in the 180s!!!

I felt like I was making progress when I went to Perfect Solutions Thursday. The scale showed 190.4!!! All week I followed the plan, except dark chocolate. When I felt like something decadent, I went for Dove dark chocolate. It helped. A list of high-fiber foods showed dark chocolate toward the top of the list, so I took that as a "green light."

Except for last Sunday (5058) and Monday (5064), I walked more than 6500 steps until today. Today, I walked 10,321 so far!!! Of course, it's 10:40 PM and I'm getting ready for bed, but I'll log in a few more steps before I tuck myself in. I'm so proud of myself.

Another milestone - today I washed some clothes and put them all in the dryer - pants, blue jeans, tops, everything - and the jeans still slipped on with no problem!

Again, my brother-in-law called me skinny. It feels so good to hear that someone sees the difference.

I signed up for the Striders group at work to train to run or walk a 5K by May. The group I joined will meet Wednesday evenings beginning this Wednesday (dang I'll have to change a dinner date). I'm doing it because I can't seem to get my butt out there on my own, so maybe this and the $20 it cost will motivate me.


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