Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I solved my drinking problem!

I did a study a while back to find out why I had a hard time drinking water and if there was a way I would. I tried drinking it in every type of container available to me. Those aluminum or metal cups don't appeal to me at all because I feel like it would be similar to touching a filling with aluminum foil, so I didn't try them. I see people adding lemon slices to their water. And that's OK, but not for me.

I drank iced water in a cup, and glass, with or without a straw; I tried water bottles, cold and room temperature. I found the only way I really enjoyed water was in a bottle, room temperature. I decided to buy 2 1-liter bottles of water on the weekend and drink and refill them daily until the next weekend. I did see an episode of The Doctors where they said the ridges in those bottles harbor bacteria and it was bad to reuse them, but I figured a week was OK. I've even put them in the dishwasher and reused them for longer than a month in the past.

Then the plastic lesson hit, and that was the end of that idea. So, I practically stopped drinking water all together. I had to find substitute vessels. At Wal-Mart on my way to check out, I saw a display of all sorts of drinking containers, bottles, cups, some with straws, and many were BPA free!

I found 4 that I liked - 2 were like to-go drink containers with straws that I'll use for smoothies, and 2 were just like water bottles with 2 parts that remove - the usual bottle cap, and a piece below the neck that allowed filling the bottle with ice (should I choose). I was soooo excited. Now I can have my water bottle and drink from it too! They're only 18 ounces, which means I need to drink 4, and I'm working on that. But Wal-Mart help solve my water drinking problem.

Several little things like this have happened to me this week. I almost feel like someone is reading my mind. I hope I can remember all of them. Sunday, I was watching the Cosby Show before church. One of the little girls is named Rudi. I found myself wondering about the origin of Rudi, when the next thing I knew, the Mom, Claire, called her Rudith. Holy cow.

Dang it, this is the only coincidence I can remember. I'll have to get back with the others.

Today my ego got a huge boost. I met the AC guy at the house to see if rotating the ceiling vent in my bedroom would help cool the dressing area. I've known this guy for several years. He's been an Avon customer and bid to replace my AC in 2009. After he rotated the vent, we were waiting for my computer to kick start so I could turn on the AC thru the CPS home manager. On my desktop, there's a photo of my head on a slim body sitting next to a beautiful baby grand piano. I told him my son did it for me. And he told me I was beautiful! He'd already complimented me on my weight loss and told me I was looking good. Then the beautiful comment. I'm so not used to these compliments. I said thank you - or at least I hope I did. Then, he hugged me as he was leaving. OMG! I could certainly get used to this. I suddenly have motivation to get back on track!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Pair Bites the Dust!

Today I wore a pair of navy pants that were the first ones I could get back into when I lost weight. I discovered that I didn't have to undo them to take them off! I was actually afraid I'd lose them by the afternoon.

So, now I have to buy black and navy slacks!

I wore the cutest red strappy shoes today. I love them. They are from Avon, and they are the perfect combination of straps, comfortable height, comfortable sole, and cuteness. I'm going to have to wear red more often so I can wear them again and again.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Not only do I learn about food, new food, and ways to cook them at Perfect Solutions, I'm learning about my body and some ways to keep it healthy.

The lesson this past Thursday was plastics. We have all heard about how plastic is bad for us and that we shouldn't microwave in it. Cecilia shared a handout that talked about the types of plastic and their dangers. Most plastic containers have a triangle on the bottom with a number in it. The numbers range from 1-7. We should look for 2, 3 & 5 or the "BPA Free" notation. These are safer. We should NEVER reuse water bottles (OMG!) because they're only intended for one-time use. I've put at least 10 used water bottles in the recycle bin this weekend. I assumed that because of the dangers, the plastic industry had taken care of fixing it. But does China care? How about the old plastic we've had for years?

At first I thought I was going to have to get rid of everything and replace it with glass, but I actually have some that are safe. Thank God. I went through my cupboards and found the newer Tupperware bowls are 5, HEB's dip containers are 5, the softer Rubbermaid containers are 5, and so are the Glad reusable bowls and the containers deli meat comes in. The older Tupperware containers don't have numbers, and the harder plastic Rubbermaid containers are 7, which is bad. I have some plastic cups that are 5, and some without numbers (which are leaving my kitchen).

My Bill Miller cups are either 7 or don't have numbers - bad; the hard plastic drinking cups we can get with straws at CVS or Walgreen's are 5. HEB has plastic Mason jar cups with lids and straws that are 5, but they are 9.99 each!

This is definitely something to think about! I've gathered the "bad" plastics and put them in the garage. I don't know if I should throw them away or give them away. If I give them away, they might harm someone else - and that would be bad. So, for now, I've boxed them up to decide later.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Small Chica

I bought a really cute floral skirt and matching blouse to wear on Easter, but at the last minute, I decided not to wear it. It's still a bit snug, so I decided on something that was more comfortable. The other day I put the outfit on again. I had to struggle to get the skirt over my hips, but I did, and I didn't hear any stitches pop, so I considered it a success. I couldn't believe it was still so snug, so I checked the label. It said Small Chica. Small Chica!

I can't believe I bought a small, and, even more, I can't believe I got it on! I'm on my way.

Today I wore a cute outfit that's new cream colored slacks, a cute tangerine t-shirt with gold and silver stars with a short cream Weekenders jacket that I've had since 2006. And I got compliments from people on my weight loss! I can't believe that it took 50 pounds for people to start noticing.

Which brings me to another realization this week. I've lost 50 pounds, and I'm actually at the weight where people start losing weight. After 50 pounds, instead of looking like an "after" person, I'm looking like the normal "before" person. Most of the weight loss commercials feature people who have lost 50 pounds, and they're at their goal weight. I've lost 50 pounds to get to 50 pounds from my goal weight. I hope I'm saying this so you understand.

When I weighed in yesterday, I had gained 2.4 lbs! But, I expected it because I've been eating dark chocolate like it my life depended on it. Then today, we had a "baby shower" at our Toastmasters meeting, and I ate 3 (or was it 4?) cookies and a piece of cake.

We had a small gravesite service for my Dad today and a reception at my sister's. After I finished my vegetable smoothie, I ate another cookie or 2, cheese, a couple of chicken salad sandwich halves, and lots of chips with guacamole dip. My stomach was going crazy. I really have to work on my self control when food is around. I used to be better, but because of the gain, I was out of control. So, I'll be drinking water and eating vegetables like crazy.

I'm so excited because I feel like I'm doing this on my own. Not alone, but on my own because I'm not taking drugs and I'm not eating special food. I'm working on a new lifestyle that will facilitate weight loss, and if I stick to this, I will reach 135 and be healthy too. I've tried lots of new foods and alternatives to the usual animal protein.

I like nutritional yeast, quinoa, beets, kale, almond milk, and I've never tried these foods before. I have some edamame in my freezer, but I haven't tried it yet. I make a very large bowl of salad that includes a couple of bags of salad mixes, carrot sticks, orange-flavored cranberries, red, yellow & orange peppers, and kale. I make smoothies of cucumber, pear, kale and/or beets. They are so delicious. There's lots of slurping to get the last drop.

Nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavor. I like it on salads, hot foods - it's delicious. "As you can guess from its name, nutritional yeast is packed with nutrition, particularly B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein. It’s low in fat, gluten-free (check specific brands for certification), and contains no added sugars or preservatives. Because vitamin B12 is absent from plant foods unless it’s added as a supplement, nutritional yeast that contains B12, such as Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula, is a great addition to the vegan diet (though I strongly recommend taking a supplement as the only way to be sure you’re getting enough). Not all nooch has B12, so check the label carefully before buying."

Monday, April 8, 2013

I wrapped my towel around me

An item on my Christmas list a few years ago was a towel large enough to go around me. I got a towel that ALMOST went around me. I didn't like that even though I could connect the top, there was a big gap around the middle. Not much privacy. I had to wear the towel with the opening on the side - not that I was EVER in the situation where I was wrapped in only a towel. But a girl can dream.

This morning, I stepped out of the shower and my bath sheet (a very large towel) wasn't available. I forgot to get it out of the dryer, so I grabbed a regular towel from the stack. It wrapped around me! Not only did it meet around the middle, there was a 4-inch overlap! I was so excited. These little things make the lifestyle changes I've made so worth it all.

During lunch a friend and I walked to 3 buildings dropping off Avon catalogs, and then after work, another friend and I walked around the block. He needs to work off stress, and I need the steps, so it was a good match.

I need to work on my flabby arms, so I decided to do the Shake Weight that I had to have a couple of years ago. I really struggled to do it for a minute. I hope once I work to the amount of time I'm supposed to do it to see results, that I'll see results. I was just watching a YouTube video of a young lady demonstrating the Shake Weight workout. OMG! Her arms were amazing. What guns! I can't wait!

Friday, April 5, 2013

I hit 10,000 + steps - twice!

While I was visiting Daddy in the hospital, I parked at one end of the hospital and walked to the other end where his unit was. Sometimes I walked the round trip a couple of times, and I was glad for the opportunities to do it. I passed the yellow doors, green doors, blue doors, red doors and entered through the orange doors. I averaged 7000 steps a day, with 2 days of 10,000+. I was so excited that I took photos of my pedometer and I couldn't wait to show it to Cecilia. Then the other day it quit counting steps. Maybe there was a maximum? I just bought another one this evening because I really missed keeping track of my steps and challenging myself. 

I only went to the cafeteria twice (or was it just once?) in the 8-day period I was there. I fixed my lunch and took a veggie smoothie each day, trying to be healthy even though I wasn't at home. I prepared the best I could, but I always seemed to forget something - usually a fork. One day I ate my salad with my fingers. I guess I could have asked at the nurses' station for a fork. But I wasn't all that hungry most of the time anyway. 

I managed to get below 190 to 189.5. I've been stressed, sad, angry, you name it, since January 15. My nutritionist had an expired bottle of Serenity Formula with Sensoril, and she suggested I try it to help soothe my frazzledness. I forgot about it until my boss suggested I try some sort of medicine when I was telling him about being sad all the time. I followed the instructions and took 2 capsules twice a day for about 10 days, then I dropped to 1 twice a day. Before I knew it, I wasn't sad anymore. And I think it helped me get through the tough time with my Daddy. Then I ran out!!!

When I went to weigh in last Saturday, Perfect Solution didn't have any, so I asked that they order some. I saw how stressed out my daughter was and her husband is still struggling after losing Roc, so I decided we all needed Serenity Formula. I googled stores in town that carry it and started calling around. I found 1 bottle at the Vitamin Shoppe at Alamo Ranch and made a beeline to them. I didn't care how much it cost, I had to have it. I grabbed a few capsules for myself and gave the rest to my daughter. I also talked to her mother-in-law, who is still struggling with sadness, and suggested she try it. Then when I went to Perfect Solution yesterday, and they didn't have any, I ordered 3 bottles again. Today, just after I was telling a friend that I was going to call the other stores on my list to see if I can find any more in town, Perfect Solution called to tell me that my original order for 2 bottles came in today. Yea! I feel like my drug supplier called.

I'm going to kick start my social life again. Four of my classmates came to the visitation Monday night, and one of them was visiting from Washington DC. On my way home that night, I realized that there was probably a party in the works while she's in town, so I called one of my classmates to say I was interested in joining them if there was. I got an phone call and email saying they were getting together this Saturday night for a low shrimp boil and I was invited. It's been ages since I've seen them - for several reasons, and I'm ready to make some changes. I had actually told them that I would probably be a pest once my son moved, but life has changed so much that I've been retreating to my safe and secure home.

I love my house, I'm perfectly happy hanging out here alone. I don't get lonely, I don't get bored. I love my life. 

I have plans for my house. I want to move everything out, either into the garage or a POD, and remove the linoleum and carpets, strip the concrete and polish it, replace the baseboards, paint the whole house, fixing rough spots, and maybe removing the popcorn ceilings and wallpaper. I'd also like to add built-in bookshelves in the front room and make it into a library, convert the current library into a guest room, and move the exercise equipment into the current office and move the office into the exercise room. I definitely want to replace the countertops with granite or something similar. I'm not tied to granite. I may refinish the kitchen cabinets. I say "I," what I mean is David and Vincente. I just have to nab them long enough to get them on it. I also have to have the roof repaired and my landscaper and I have plans to make some adjustments to my yards.

I spent an hour and a half pulling weeds Wednesday morning. I had on a new white t-shirt that I got in Jamaica in 2008 (and never could wear before) with my crop pants when I remembered to take out the trash bin. As I turned around to head back to the house, I noticed how awful my yard looked, so I started pulling the high weeds, and I didn't stop until all the weeds were gone. My yard looks soooo much better. It was actually hard to tell the plants from the weeds before. AND I was still clean when I finished. I haven't been able to get my hands clean again, but my clothes are still like new.

I don't know if you remember the black jeans I was able to get on. Well, they're getting too big. I wash and dry them in the dryer now, and before I know it, they're getting baggy when I wear them.

I even bought some heels for Easter. Unfortunately, I had Altar Guild, so I was going to do a lot of running around, and I volunteered to help with the brunch, so I couldn't wear them Easter Sunday. I'm glad I didn't because I also helped hide Easter eggs because the youth who were supposed to hide them didn't show up. Monday and Tuesday I could barely walk after hiding the eggs. Then Thursday I was so sore from pulling weeds. But I'm feeling great now.

My daughter asked me to talk to my pastor about baptizing her little one, and we're on for June 2. The next day, my sister asked me to talk to my pastor about doing the burial service for my dad, so we're on for next Friday for that. I love my church and my church family. God led me to them in 2002, and I've been happier than ever since.

Another good-bye

OMG! Where do I start? My Daddy didn't make it. He was sicker than we thought. He had surgery, hoping to clear his diverticulitis. His white cell count was too low to fight the infection. I was so blessed to be on vacation so I could spend every day with him. My brother-in-law was there in the morning, I was there from 1 until about 6, and my sister was there for a couple of hours after I left. She and my daughter called the nurses station several times a day and night to find out how he was doing.

For a week, we thought he was improving slowly but surely. Then, Wednesday, March 27, we realized it wouldn't be long before he was gone. The whole family was there Wednesday night, and my sister, daughter, and I stayed through the night. The hospital staff was really nice. They brought us coffee and cookies in the morning for breakfast. I had to go home to take my meds and change clothes. While I was home, my daughter called to tell me to hurry because we had to make some decisions. I told her I'd be there as soon as I could and I'd trust them to make the right decision. He wasn't on life support, just getting glucose and antibiotic IVs and breathing treatments, but we suspended those, and in 12 hours, he was gone.

He was a wonderful man. He was caring, loving, wise, and he was so proud of us. We were proud of him. I adored him. He could do anything. He wasn't afraid of anything. He was a role model for many young men. I can't believe how many people told me that he was the dad they didn't have. Actually, they were the sons he didn't have. Because of that, this branch of the Wiley family tree has died with him. His dad (Pawpaw) had 5 sisters then he had 1 son and 2 daughters. My dad had 2 daughters.

We are really going to miss him. If you want to see a photo show of him, go to www.colonialuniversal.com and click on Alfred Wiley. He's with the love of his life - my mom - now. I know he missed her.

Good-bye Daddy