Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I solved my drinking problem!

I did a study a while back to find out why I had a hard time drinking water and if there was a way I would. I tried drinking it in every type of container available to me. Those aluminum or metal cups don't appeal to me at all because I feel like it would be similar to touching a filling with aluminum foil, so I didn't try them. I see people adding lemon slices to their water. And that's OK, but not for me.

I drank iced water in a cup, and glass, with or without a straw; I tried water bottles, cold and room temperature. I found the only way I really enjoyed water was in a bottle, room temperature. I decided to buy 2 1-liter bottles of water on the weekend and drink and refill them daily until the next weekend. I did see an episode of The Doctors where they said the ridges in those bottles harbor bacteria and it was bad to reuse them, but I figured a week was OK. I've even put them in the dishwasher and reused them for longer than a month in the past.

Then the plastic lesson hit, and that was the end of that idea. So, I practically stopped drinking water all together. I had to find substitute vessels. At Wal-Mart on my way to check out, I saw a display of all sorts of drinking containers, bottles, cups, some with straws, and many were BPA free!

I found 4 that I liked - 2 were like to-go drink containers with straws that I'll use for smoothies, and 2 were just like water bottles with 2 parts that remove - the usual bottle cap, and a piece below the neck that allowed filling the bottle with ice (should I choose). I was soooo excited. Now I can have my water bottle and drink from it too! They're only 18 ounces, which means I need to drink 4, and I'm working on that. But Wal-Mart help solve my water drinking problem.

Several little things like this have happened to me this week. I almost feel like someone is reading my mind. I hope I can remember all of them. Sunday, I was watching the Cosby Show before church. One of the little girls is named Rudi. I found myself wondering about the origin of Rudi, when the next thing I knew, the Mom, Claire, called her Rudith. Holy cow.

Dang it, this is the only coincidence I can remember. I'll have to get back with the others.

Today my ego got a huge boost. I met the AC guy at the house to see if rotating the ceiling vent in my bedroom would help cool the dressing area. I've known this guy for several years. He's been an Avon customer and bid to replace my AC in 2009. After he rotated the vent, we were waiting for my computer to kick start so I could turn on the AC thru the CPS home manager. On my desktop, there's a photo of my head on a slim body sitting next to a beautiful baby grand piano. I told him my son did it for me. And he told me I was beautiful! He'd already complimented me on my weight loss and told me I was looking good. Then the beautiful comment. I'm so not used to these compliments. I said thank you - or at least I hope I did. Then, he hugged me as he was leaving. OMG! I could certainly get used to this. I suddenly have motivation to get back on track!!!


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