Friday, December 10, 2010

Fixin' to get ready to go!

I did read some of the WW materials last night. They have a good tear-out chart of how to build meals using different elements that will help me plan.

I usually have a good on-plan breakfast. And lunch is usually good as well. It's when I get home that all hell breaks loose. Sometimes we have foods that aren't on plan, and we run out of food. In those cases, I make do. BUT truly, I should plan for those days as well. When we only have off-plan food, I will plan what we'll have for dinner, THEN eat breakfast and lunch according to that.

I just finished breakfast, and I have 4 small potatoes in the oven, 2 white and 2 sweet. Each potato is 2 points, and they are ready for when I want a quick snack. I can heat them and go.

I'm going to a party this evening and I have 20 points left. Breakfast and the sandwich I'm taking for lunch add up to 9 points. And I'll take lots of fruit for snacks. So, I have lots to play with. I'm taking a bottle of wine, but I think I'll just have water or tea at the party, whatever the non-alcoholic choice is. I don't want to waste the points on wine. Well, maybe one...

OK, I'm feeling really good about myself right now. I hope this continues on through the holidays and I come out the other side weighing less and feeling even better. ;O)

I set up my laptop in the dining room, so I can be online and watch TV at the same time. I'll more likely be here more often now. I hope that's a good thing for us all :O)

I went to a Christmas party this evening with a group of ladies from my church. We had a really nice time visiting and catching up with one another. Then we had a Chinese gift exchange. I drew #2, and I picked a gift that was a fountain. I really thought I'd take it home, but one of the ladies took it from me, so I got another gift from under the tree. I love opening gifts. The second one was a Lenox snowpeople salt and pepper shakers. They are so cute. I'm glad I got to bring them home.

2 slices double-fiber bread (2)
1 slice 1/3 fat cheese (1)
2 egg whites (1)
2 slices bread (2)
mustard (0)
1 slice cheese (1)
Turkey lunch meat (2)
1 banana
1 orange

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