Monday, November 8, 2010

Have You Noticed the Skies Lately?

We walked after work today, and the sky was beautiful!

I noticed Thursday when we were driving home from downtown that the sky was pink on the horizon and blue above. By the time we got home, the sky was blue on the horizon and pink on top. It was amazing.

I mentioned the beautiful sky to my walking partner, and we noticed it did it again today. As we were walking the last 100 yards or so, I turned around and saw the spectacular sky behind us. It was gorgeous! She said it made her want to travel somewhere. It actually makes me want to sit in a lounge chair on the beach to watch the sunset with a tequila sunrise, margarita, or glass of White Zinfandel and someone with whom to enjoy the spectacular gift from God as we listen to the waves. OK, so maybe I DO want to travel ;O).

Well, my pedometer is blank again! I'm going to have to wear pants with pockets when we walk. I'm getting tired of having a blank screen when I want to log my steps. Maybe I'm just too hot to handle ;O).

Friday I was wearing pants without pockets again, and when I went to the ladies room about 10:00, I set it on the TP holder. At 4:30 that afternoon, when I went again before I headed home, it was still there on the TP holder. I'd even walked to a meeting and back. Needless to say, I was disappointed that I didn't have it on all day.

I sneaked a peek at the new WW plan. I'm excited! I hope it launches here soon!

I've had a breakthrough! If you remember, we had our 40th class reunion a month ago. I've seen some photos that people took of me at different functions surrounding the reunion. I actually look good! The one of me in black to the right of this page is from a reunion function. And I don't mind looking at it ;O). This is an accomplishment!

I've spent most of my life hating photos of myself. Either I'm looking better or I'm just becoming tolerant of the way I look. There's a profile of me at a United Way function in a company newsletter. And I didn't gag when I saw it! Also, in the same issue, there was a photo of me in a group of Toastmasters members. Again, it wasn't bad. I wish I'd fixed my hair, but I wasn't upset at how I looked overall. I'm talking major news here. Most of my life I've avoided having my photo taken because I hate the way I look. I've lost 25 lbs, and I'm so much happier about the way I look.

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille...

Bowl of rice crispies with 1/2 c skim milk
10 baby carrots, 2 cups spinach with 3 oz rotisserie chicken and 2 tbsp French Dressing
1 4-oz burger with 2 slices high-fiber low-calorie bread, mustard,
mashed potatoes, 1 sl low-fat cheese.
1 cranberry granola bar.

Walked 2 miles


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