Thursday, November 11, 2010

Restaurant Reviews

Oh, I know ... I should be talking about the great salads I ate last night and today at lunch, but --

We went to Cheddar's last night, and my son got the Chicken Fried Steak, and I got the Chicken Pot Pie. Both were delicious. We also got an order of fried Mozzarella sticks. And they were good as well. It all cost less than $21. We drank water, which saved at least $5.

Today for lunch we went to a volunteer appreciation luncheon at Azuca downtown. Finding a parking space was one of the most frustrating experiences in many months. The presentation of the food was really nice, upscale, and it tasted good. But the salmon sat heavy in my stomach all afternoon, and I hate the fish burps! My son said the portabello sandwich bothered his stomach all afternoon.

The company was fantastic. I really enjoyed visiting with the people from the Library. They made me feel so welcome and almost a bit like a celebrity.

I spent this morning unpacking a cart of boxes that I stashed a few years ago when I got my new work station. I practically filled a recycle bin with the stuff that I didn't need. I figure if I didn't need it for the past 5 years, it's not worth keeping.

After parking 4 blocks from the restaurant, and unpacking the cart and walking today, I got quite a bit of walking in.

open faced grilled cheese, (3)
salmon with crab, vegetable sticks, grilled carrot, pickles, tomato slice, lettuce leaf, and chocolate cake

8369 steps!


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