Monday, November 29, 2010

Good News -- I didn't gain weight!

After a very long Thanksgiving weekend of indulging and several pre-Thanksgiving indulgences, I managed to maintain my weight! That's very good news!

I made an awesome cranberry slaw (1 pt/serving) from a Hungry Girl recipe that I planned to use as my go-to sweet dish. Unfortunately, I left it at my sister's, and my daughter got it. I never connected with her to get it, so I had to make do with delicious (not WW) pumpkin pie, chocolate silk pie, homemade brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. So I wouldn't make myself sick, I put everything in the freezer. Having them out of sight really helped.

I can't wait until we learn about the new Weight Watcher's plan. I read that it emphasizes protein instead of starches. And that's a good thing for me because my body doesn't handle carbs well.

I really miss my pedometer. Maybe I'll get one after Christmas (on sale?)

I get a bonus from a group I do a newsletter for, and this year, I bought a Wii with it. Wal-Mart had it with all kinds of accessories, controllers, etc., and I should have it by Friday! I'm hoping this will be a fun way to get off my butt!

Thursday before I went to my sister's for Thanksgiving, I stopped by Garden Ridge and got a couple of Christmas trees for $60 ea. One was green, which I lent to my daughter, and the other is white.

Yesterday, we put up the tree with my butterfly ornaments along with gold stars, white icicles, and snowflakes. It's really pretty. I'll take a photo this evening and post it.


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