Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Amazing

I followed the plan yesterday, except for drinking 6-8 cups of water (does black coffee count?), and the scale showed 5 lbs less this morning! I've been at 215 before. Now, this time, I plan to continue to below 215. I'd really like to be at 200 by Christmas. That would be 42 lbs lost in 1 year. Not what I had in mind, but losing 42 lbs is better than not!

Now I'm encouraged big time.

Today is a wedding at church, and I'm going to be walking a lot getting from one end of the church to the other several times in a 3-hour period. My legs cramped yesterday, and to make sure cramps didn't wake me up in the night, I took a very hot bath. It worked, but when I moved this morning at first light, they wanted to cramp again. I'm taking vitamin B, which is usually for leg cramps. Maybe I should add exercise? }o(

I had a hard time finding something to wear to the wedding. I want to look professional and be comfortable at the same time. I have nice things, but they don't go together, and some of them don't hide flaws like I'd prefer. So, I tried on several outfits. I decided on a lime green top with dark navy pants and a dark navy jacket. Unfortunately, the navies don't match. That's one thing I hate about navy. It's hard to get pieces to match if they aren't from the same dye lot. I'm going to pretend I didn't notice. Maybe I'm too critical. Or maybe I should have thought ahead and done the laundry before today ;O)

grilled cheese with 2 egg whites sandwich (4)

Hosed off the back porch (without pedometer on)


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