Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Was Just a Dead Battery

I don't think wearing it in my waistband while walking helped it any. My pedometer battery only lasted a few months, and it was a bit corroded. I thought it should last at least a year. Maybe I'll put some duct tape on it so it'll be protected from the perspiration.

I changed the battery this morning about 10:30, and I managed to get 6059 steps on it even without my morning 160-190 steps while getting ready for work.

My walking buddy didn't make it today, so I walked alone. I walked about 2900 steps, so I did more than I usually do when left to myself ;O)
When I leave to pick up my son, I'll drive the route to see how many miles I walked. I feel it was at least 1, maybe 1-1/2. Of course, it always feels like more than it is.

I remember that once I walked through the neighborhood in a big circle and just knew I walked about 7 miles. It was actually 2! I was so disappointed.

I've always liked to walk. Now that I'm able, it's a shame that I've become so lazy. But it's just a matter of time before I'm back in the swing of things. Actually, I've managed to be too busy to walk.

Today I walked to a meeting in the Admin bldg, then to the cafeteria to get a salad, then to Weight Watchers@Work, then back to my building. We won't talk about the weigh in. You can see the upswing in my chart. They were talking about being on the scenic route on our weight loss journey today at the WW@W meeting. I just went in, weighed myself, filled out my chart, and left. I'm hoping my son will feel confident enough to drive himself to the library soon or take the bus.

I've been using him as an excuse for not staying at the WW@W meetings, but really, I could do the meeting. It's just 30 minutes; it takes 30 minutes to take my son to the Library, and I get here early every day, so I definitely have the time.

Here I am, talking to myself in public! This is how my mind works: I'll actually form a negative thought like "I wish I didn't have to take my son to the Library on Thursdays so I could go to Weight Watchers." As soon as the thought is out there, I'm already thinking about a way to work around that "problem." Like "Well, gee, it only takes 30 minutes to get to the library and back, and Weight Watchers is only 30 minutes. What's the problem?" Do you do this? I've even thought something like "I hate it when he does this. He always does th ... wait. He actually did something nice the other day. And then he did do that." And before I know it, I realize I've been stewing about nothing. Anyway, so now you know how my mind works!
Scary, isn't it?

Huge bowl of Corn Flakes (at least 3 cups) with skim milk
Large salad with greens, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, black beans, 1 boiled egg and 2 tblsp cheese and some ranch dressing
1 can pear halves (probably 3 pears total)



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