Monday, December 6, 2010

Comparing last year to this year

I only lost 25 lbs between now and last Thanksgiving, but it makes a difference in how I see myself. Last year, we took photos of the whole family, and I hated how I looked. Then I joined Weight Watchers. This year, when we took photos, I made sure I stood so my good side was to the camera, and I look so much better. My hair is better. I'm wearing more stylish glasses, my clothes are more stylish, and I just look better. What can I say?

Weight Watchers changed their plan, and I really like it. Fruit is 0 points! I feel like I've gone to heaven. I love fruit, and there are times when an orange or grapes are just what I need to satisfy my sweet cravings.

Tomorrow night I'm going to the store for lots of fruit! I'm buying bananas, oranges, tangerines, tangelos, clementines, apples, grapes, whatever they have!

I was supposed to go to an Avon sales rep Christmas party, I even made some coconut macaroons and white chocolate candy to take because it was a pot luck, and that was all I had to take. But I had such a bad day (especially this afternoon at work) that I decided to forego the party and take it easy. I ate quite a few coconut macaroons. Then I watched Martha Stewart's Holiday Open House show.

I managed to get in 13 minutes of boxing this morning. I really like doing that. Tomorrow I'll shoot for 20 minutes. 13 minutes was hard work I tell you!


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