Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New You!

Or maybe that should be happy new me!

I did go to weigh in last week, and unfortunately, I gained 1 lb. But for the holidays, that's not too bad. I really wanted to lose weight.

This week I've been more disciplined about eating, but I haven't tracked. I really have to get back into the habit of tracking. It's the key, and my friends and I proved it to ourselves right before the holidays started. It's time to get back on the wagon.

I've been going to the water exercise class pretty regularly. I went yesterday, and I plan to go tomorrow. I won't be able to go Saturday, so I'll have to go Sunday. Weight Watchers wants us to get at least 14 points of activity in a week and work up to 49 a week. If we earn a point for every 10 minutes of working out, that's 70 minutes a day!

Well, I'll go weigh in tomorrow. I think it'll be good. I hope so anyway.


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