Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3 - On Plan

I awoke early enough to have a cup of coffee and dress for the Waterworks class. I really give it the ole college try in that class. I want it to make a difference in my body and health. The frustrating thing about the class is the ladies who float around and visit during the class. The pool area is closed to those not in the class, so they think that if they move while in the pool, they're considered in the class.

They get in the way and it's hard to work around them. I either end up in water that's too deep or too shallow. I might have to mention it to the instructor or front desk tomorrow.

Anyway, enough gritching. I had a good 1-hour workout, then I had brunch: a sandwich with double-fiber bread, fat-free mayo, 2 oz of rotisserie chicken - 7 pts. I followed that with a cup of grapes - 0 pts.

I had a cup of grapes later for a snack after I mowed the front and side lawns. The exciting thing about my lawn is the side has lots of Bermuda and some St. Augustine coming back after the drought. If I water and mow, I think I can bring it back. The front lawn definitely needs to be hit with a weed killer. It's full of really tough weeds, like stick-ups that grow a foot overnight, and something tha's a bit woody similar to milkweed. This one covers about 1/2 the lawn.

So, I have lots of activity points for today.

Once I recovered from mowing the lawn, I made spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner. The spaghetti was whole wheat, the sauce was homemade with tomato paste and ground turkey, with fat-free mozzarella and parmesan. Yummm! I'm starting to make the sauce taste really good. Since I can't use garlic or onions, the sauce has only salt, pepper, and oregano. I had 2 helpings for a total of 14 pts. Then I had 2/3 cup of minimarshallows for 3 pts.

I made enough for 4 servings, so I offered some to my son. I told him it tasted like he was losing weight. I really liked it. I'm getting accustomed to the flavor of fat-free foods and the substitutes for foods that are allergens for me. So far, no new hives. Some itching on my legs though. But I'm thinking that was caused by mowing the lawn.

I don't think I mentioned before that I found out that if I have a prescription from my doctor to join a gym, I can be reimbursed for the monthly fee. That's a before-tax deduction from my pay check. I verified this information and had more taken from my check. I have to be careful because I've increased my contribution to United Way, my church, and the Section 125 reimbursement account. Plus I'm paying $52.98 for my membership to the gym. This will definitely make a difference in my take-home pay.


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