Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Caught Up

It's been 3 weeks since I've been here. I got caught up in the Holiday preparations and trying to workout while working and trying to spend time with my grandson. Add to that, the usual shopping, wrapping, fretting that I didn't get enough, trying to take some time off work without feeling guilty. The result is: I neglected this blog. I did continue to work out sporadically, and stayed within my points for the most part.

After I lost the 2.2 lbs, I gained .2, then I lost 3 lbs. I basically stopped eating when I was satisfied, and it worked. I went to a Christmas party at a high school friend's house last Friday, and I avoided anything that might have been an allergen then I sat down at the table and started chowing down on the guacamole. It was sooooo good. Of course, guacamole has onions, so I itched all the way home.

Christmas Eve, I went to my sister's house and basically followed the Weight Watcher plan. Christmas day I made vegetable soup and ate fruit most of the day, the same with the next day.

Yesterday I continued that trend and when I got home, I was so hungry my stomach hurt. After I ate everything in sight, I was finally satisfied. Today I ate fruit and vegetable soup again. But this time, I was prepared with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. My grandson and I went to McDonald's and had happy meals. I was surprised that I was satisfied. But I had so many points left. When I got home, there was pizza. I ate 2 slices -- delicious. Now I'm itching like crazy. I guess my son forgot to tell them no garlic. So, no more pizza for me!

I weigh in tomorrow. I'll have to go to a Weight Watchers center because we don't have Weight Watchers at work for a while. I'm hoping I lost weight.

OH, By the way, the 60-minute massage got rid of the sciatica!!! It was tender to the touch for almost a week, but n'ery a twinge. Awesome!!!

OK, so now I've given a run-through of my holiday eating. How about the other part of the holiday? I had a blast with my high school friends. Christmas Eve was good too. I started the day by going to Waterworks, then shopping, then wrapping, then going to my ex's to see my grandkids, then to my sister's for the rest of the family, including my dad, then to church for the late service. I finally got home about 12:30 and crashed.

Christmas Day I puttered and cleared off shelves and tried to find things to sell online. I figured that I have too many knick-knacks, and they are just cluttering up my life


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