Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Have to Brag

I had a rough afternoon/night WW wise on Tuesday.

I went to a meeting that had corn chips (I had 2 -- allergen), thin gingerbread-y cookies, (I had 4 or so), tamales (which I couldn’t eat), sugared/cinnamon walnuts (which I ate my weight in) and grape tomatoes with ranch dip (I must have eaten 25 tomatoes).

Then I went home (not hungry) and made a 5-oz ground turkey burger with 1/2 oz of fat-free cheese, a slice of pumpkin pie, and 2 cups of caramel popcorn (which I shouldn’t eat because it’s corn).

Then, the disappointing thing happened. I got on the scale, and I had gained all the weight back! What!? I'm supposed to be able to splurge a little as long as I stay within my weekly points plus.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I had a piece of pumpkin pie (9 pts) for breakfast, a large baked potato with Brummel & Brown margarine (6 pts), and a fat-free cheese sandwich made with fat-free mayo and 2 slices of double fiber bread (5 pts).

We had our office Christmas tree decorating party with assorted pies--pecan, pumpkin, coconut cream, chocolate cream, lemon meringue--a huge tray of various cheesecakes – all from Marie Callender's and 2 large bowls of fruit. I ate 3 cups of fruit and that was all! Believe me, if I had known the pies were from Marie Callendar’s I might not have been so good ;O).

I had 1-1/2 scrambled eggs and a grilled fat-free cheese sandwich on double fiber bread for dinner. (6 pts)

If I don’t see a loss tomorrow, I’ll know I can’t afford the weekly points.

I couldn’t find my tracker Tuesday night or last night, but I've been writing down what I ate with the points. I hope it's at the office; I don't want to lose the habit of tracking.

I really want to make this a success. I've never hung in there long enough to reach goal, and I hope I do it this time. After I reach goal, I can apply to be a leader. I've wanted to be a leader since I first joined WW in 1982 or so. But, the first thing you have to do is be a successful loser of weight and reacher of your goal weight. Another reason to do it!


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