Friday, November 25, 2011

The Weight Watchers Simply Filling Plan

Once I found that I was allergic to half my favorite foods, I made a list of the foods I can eat through the Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan. This plan doesn't include counting points, which I hate! The list is filled with foods I like, and I can eat until I'm satisfied.

That's going to be a lesson I'll have to learn -- to stop when I'm satisfied. I remember at a Weight Watchers meeting when the leader asked how much we should eat, and I blurted out "Until we're full!" Well, that wasn't the answer. It was supposed to be until we're satisfied. For some reason, I go into automatic pilot and eat until there's no food left or until I'm full. See my blog about Thanksgiving.

Today I picked at my dressing for breakfast. Then after our workout, I ate turkey, dressing, and salad. Half of the plate was salad., 1/4 was dressing, and 1/4 was turkey. The dressing was made of whole wheat, double fiber bread, celery, and broth I made with skinless chicken thighs. The salad was mainly food on the list except the bacon, fat-free mayonnaise, fat-free cheddar cheese, and the 2 tbsp of sugar. Everything else is on the list. It's delicious!

For dinner, I made chicken with whole-wheat noodles. Although it needed salt, it was delicious too. I'm becoming quite the from-scratch cook.


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