Saturday, December 3, 2011

No More Butter Beans

I had 2 servings of Oatmeal again yesterday. That really stays with me. We got several boxes of Oat Revolution Apples & Cinnamon when we bought AngelFood, and the day before yesterday was the first time I tried it. It was good - 3 pts a serving. But one serving isn't enough for me.

We didn't have any fresh food in the house, so I took a can of butter beans and a can of chicken for lunch yesterday. I love any kind of beans, butter beans, lima beans, green beans, pinto beans. The butter beans would have been 7 pts if I had eaten the whole can, but I only ate 2/3 of a can and the can of chicken (4 pts); I had 14 points left for dinner.

That was the last serving of butter beans that I'll have for a long time. I started breaking out in hives about 3:30 and by the time I got home from the store, I had a full-blown case of angry hives on the back of my forearms, and . I don't think I've had anything like it before. It almost looked like I had developed scoriasis. But they're practically gone now.

I went to the store on the way home - hungry - and $138 dollars later, I headed home. I got 2 lbs of grapes, 5 bananas, lots of meat (chicken thighs, shoulder roast, lunch meat, hamburger meat, and a package of ground turkey. I didn't do as well in the vegetable isle. I'm allergic to lettuce, spinach, peaches, onions, bell peppers, garlic, so I got 2 large tomatoes. I do still have celery and potatoes at home. I bought 2 cans of sweet potatoes and 2 cans of pumpkin pie filling and 2 pie crusts, 2 boxes of quick bread (banana, pumpkin), and of course, the usual stuff, including a rotisserie chicken.

This is where I start getting uncomfortable with weight watchers points. I had 1 chicken leg and one leg quarter without the skin, and probably a pound of grapes. I'll count 2 points for the grapes even though that was my only fruit/vegetable for the day. That leaves 12 points. I hope the chicken didn't put me over points wise.

So this is where I start getting off track. I ate the chicken, and I have no way of figuring out how many points it is. The chicken label says each serving is 3 oz, and I didn't weigh the chicken, so I have no idea how much I ate. THAT's the key! I didn't weigh. I was just talking to my son about this problem, and it's like what Jim Rohn said: I had 3 numbers dialed in the lock, and I just figured out the last number to unlock the lock. If I continue to do what I've always done and expect different results, I'm insane.

OK, now I'm getting it!

I don't just grab the food and hope for the best. I have to plan - at least enough to measure the food. If I plan to eat more than a serving, I have to at least know how much I ate. That's the ticket. I have to measure the grapes so if I get more than a serving, I can account for the extra points. I have to weigh the chicken. I was confused by the list in the WW Food Companion because for chicken drumstick, it lists:
cooked, with skin and bone, 1 - 2
cooked, with skin, without bone, 1 - 2
cooked, without skin and bone, 1 - 1
cooked, without skin, wih bone, 1 - 1

I figure out that was how it was cooked and eaten. If I at least weigh and measure, I would have some idea of how many points I consume. So, for the chicken I ate last night, I'm counting 6 oz for 12 pts. Plus 2 pts for the grapes, and 3 points for some minimarshmallows. That's 17 points, which means I used 3 points of my Weekly allowance.

Now, I'm off to the water exercise class!


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