Sunday, May 12, 2013

Am I Ready?

Someone was hinting around about being my lover. WOW!!! I was so flattered! But there's so much in that proposition that I didn't know what to address first.

I was born in 52 and survived the 60s and 70s, so casual sex isn't a new concept for me. But, at the tender age of 60.9, there are so many more issues besides birth control.

Many things have happened since my last roll in the hay. I've gone through menopause - how does that affect  how my female parts work? I've had both knees replaced - can I even get in those positions any more? I've let myself go - do I have the stamina? I've lost 50 lbs - how do I look naked? Losing 50 lbs has me saggy and baggy, and I'm not talking about my clothes.

My body and heart are a package deal. I've been celibate for a long time, and I'm content with my intimate life. In the "good ole days" I'd been on dates where I swear the guys didn't even know what my face looked like. They were staring at my boobs the whole time. I don't want that again. I want a relationship first, then intimacy. Sex changes everything.

I'm looking for someone to spend time with - movies, dinner, barbeque, work on projects, drive in the country, dance (can I do that any more?), bowl (ditto?), play cards, games, visit. I still have 50 pounds to lose, so I want to be around people who are encouraging, not sabotaging. If I find someone who wants to eat what I eat - awesome. He'll have a chance to spend more time with me. I do not want to be with someone who will encourage me to eat foods that are not part of my new lifestyle. If he encourages me to be more active - even better.

To answer the original question - NO!


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