Monday, October 29, 2012

That Hill Don't Scare Me No More

Today, I tried something new - I walked down first and finished the mile going up the hill. It took longer, but I feel like I've arrived because that hill doesn't scare me anymore. I'm cured!

I can't tell you the many ways I've avoided that hill over the years. It's not a high hill, just a sustained incline. There are 4 more, much more challenging hills that I feel compelled to conquer. But, one at a time. I'm working on this one for now. My challenge is surviving the Turkey Trot.

Tomorrow, I'll park in the Fitness Center lot and begin there to attempt to walk the entire 2-mile stretch. Then, once the Turkey Trot is over, I'll challenge myself to walk the other hills. I'll probably have to do them during lunch because it'll be getting dark sooner.

I welcome company if you would like to join me. This evening, I had a song (House of the Rising Sun) running through my head the entire time, so it's not like you'll keep me from profound thoughts.

If you don't want to receive my blog emails, let me know. It won't hurt my feelings.


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