Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Successful Weigh-In

I almost couldn't wait to weigh in today because I felt so good about the results. And I was right! I lost 2.4 lbs! That's 15.5 in 4 weeks - all in my butt and feet (of all places!).

Even with three challenges, I lost weight. I've made some really good choices in the past week, and I'm pretty proud of myself. My only downer was that I haven't been drinking water like I should.

Saturday I went to a birthday party. Cecilia suggested that I take food I can eat, so I took a bowl of cut up fresh fruit and 2 broccoli cole slaws - 1 with Mayonnaise with Olive Oil and the other with Balsamic Vinegar and Safflower Oil. All were delicious, and I ate only my sides with 2 chicken legs and a slice of brisket. While everyone was filling up on chips and dips before the meal, I ate fruit. They were saying they were going to be full when the food was served, yet they kept eating. It was definitely eye-opening watching everyone doing what I usually do.

I'm so glad I'm following the Perfect Solution plan. Not only are we getting help with the food choices, we are also receiving positive ideas and reinforcement daily.

One of the suggestions was to eat 2 bites and throw the rest away. Two bites is really all you need. More won't satisfy any cravings, especially emotional cravings. When the cake was served, I took my piece, ate 2 bites (filled with frosting), and threw the rest away before I could change my mind. I felt so in control!

Then, yesterday I went to a meeting that had breakfast tacos galore, sweet rolls, and fresh fruit. I opted for a few pieces of fruit because I ate a light breakfast earlier. Then, last night, I met friends at Mimi's Cafe and ate a great meal of Tilapia and steamed vegetables.

I celebrated by going to Alamo Cafe this evening with my son and ate the shredded chicken ensalada with salsa. I ended the evening with one tortilla chip dipped in salsa. It wasn't as good as I remembered, so I stopped with that one. I ordered unsweetened tea, but their tea was so strong that I only had a couple of sips.


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