Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 Miles - 40 Minutes

I walked the 2-mile route for the Turkey Trot this evening after work. As I topped the hill, I decided to finish the 2-mile route. Then, halfway around the top part of the route, I didn't want to continue. I talked myself into finishing because I figured it was just as far to turn back as to continue forward.

I didn't realize how many inclines there are on this campus. Isn't anything flat anymore?

Anyway, I did it!

Tomorrow I start the 2-day detox. No protein. Only apples and vegetables. I stopped at the store this evening and bought some salad stuff and cabbage to make soup. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to make soup tonight. I'll make some tomorrow night. Cecelia said to eat edamame for protein. And she said spinach was a good source of protein too.

We'll see how I do.


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