Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of the Year

Today is the last day of 2010, and I have the day off. I started by going to the grocery store at 7:00 this morning and getting black-eyed peas. Got to have black-eyed peas for New Year's Day!

I stopped and got 3 carne guisada tacos on the way home (actually, they weren't on the way). Last time I got 5, and I forced the 2nd taco down. This time I only got one for myself. I was satisfied. Then about 45 minutes later I had a slice of pepperoni pizza leftover from dinner last night. It upset my stomach. For lunch, I had 2 more slices of pizza, and again, my stomach was upset. WHEN AM I GOING TO LEARN? I spent the rest of the day eating grapes and drinking V8 Fusion Light. After I opened the bottle, I saw that it says 50% juice. What is the other 50%? I assumeed V8 was pure juice. I'll definitely have to read the label next time. I also had some grapes. I'm hoping to fill up on fruits and veggies for the next 2 days.

Well, I got hot and sweaty cleaning the house today, so my pedometer is on the fritz. I hope there are still some numbers in the memory when it dries. I washed the dishes, which were piled everywhere, then I cleaned off the shelves next to the TV. I took some of the Christmas decorations off and boxed them up and hauled them to the garage. I straightened the work-out room, put the TV on the desk instead of the floor, reboxed the video tapes, and hauled the drawers they were in to my son's room so he'll have something to put little things in. And I cleaned off the coffee table in the living room. That was quite a feat. But, the living room feels much better. I still have to finish the dining room table so I can start putting the butterfly puzzle together that I got for Christmas. I plan to glue and frame it after it's put together tomorrow. It's beautiful. In addition to the cleaning, I just about finished my laundry.

I'm going to babysit my grandson this evening so his mom and dad can go to a New Year's Eve party. I'm taking beans & franks and a banana for him. I'm also taking a can of black-eyed peas for them to eat tomorrow.

I don't know if you eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day. I believe in them with my whole heart. I don't remember when it was that I didn't eat them on New Year's Day, but I had the most horrible year. The next New Year's Day I ate 2 cans!

I'll take the Christmas tree down Thursday night, the night after Epiphany. My tree is so beautiful that I really don't want to take it down.


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