Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Well, I'm still at 225, and I did pretty well today. Still ate too many pieces of brownies and candy, but they were little pieces. For dinner at my daughter & son-in-law's, I took a cranberry salad that was delicious but runny (didn't follow instructions, so it never set like it should have), a 7-layer salad, and a fruit salad (no sugar added). The dinner was prime rib, and it was delicious! About 9:00, I felt hungry, so I had a couple little helpings of the salad. Now I'm completely stuffed.

I'm a little blue today, probably letdown from all the rushing, stressing, wrapping, planning, etc., and now it's all over! I got a really good framed photo of my grandson that I'll have to hang. I think I know where I'll put it. He'll replace the picture my daughter gave me a couple of years ago that's hanging in the living room.

I got 3 really good books -- inspirational -- that I can read in bits and pieces. I love that sort of thing.

I have a week to assess 2010 and plan for 2011. I really like making new year's resolutions.

I've made some significant changes in my life because of new year's resolutions. Like this year, I actually lost weight. One year I decided to call everyone by name when I saw them. Instead of just saying "Hi!", I'd say "Hi John." It really made a difference. It was actually easier to remember people's names. I still do it today. I got over the embarrassment of not remembering people's names. If I can't remember someone's name, I'll admit it and ask them their name. I realized I don't mind telling someone my name. Especially because it's so different.

When I was married, if my husband couldn't remember people's names, I'd introduce myself to them, and they would, of course introduce themselves to me. That would help my husband find out their names without having to admit he didn't remember. I still do it today. I don't assume people remember me, so I introduce myself to people all the time whether I remember their names or not. I find that as I get older, I can't remember people's names if I've only seen them once before, sometimes even twice before, especially if I've seen them in a group setting each time.

Of course one of my new year's resolutiosn is to continue to lose weight, but I have to put it in a more positive light -- something like eat healthier, exercise, something like that. Anyway, I'm still reading about the new Weight Watchers Points Plus plan so I can make better choices.

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