Thursday, August 5, 2010

Journey to 135, 10% At Last!

I'm excited! According to my scale, I weigh 217 (not official), so I can't wait to weigh in today officially. I'm definitely buying some 2-pt snacks to help tide me over when I HAVE to have something. I have time to run to the store before my eye doctor appt to get some food, and I probably will. That way I won't be tempted at the cafeteria like I was yesterday.

I'm having a hard time waking up this morning, which is very unusual. I'm usually up and ready to go at 5:00. Actually, I naturally wake up every morning between 4:10 and 4:24. Do you do that? Wayne Dyer says it's the Holy Spirit talking to us and we should get up and do something creative when that happens. I usually just go to the bathroom and crawl back in bed. Dyer's written a couple of books during that time of each morning.

Today I'm going to buy a pedometer. The ONLY thing I don't like about walking after work is it curtails running errands afterward. Truly, I could go to the fitness center and shower and dress. Hmmm.

I just made a decision to set a goal of 197 by October 7. That's 9 weeks away, and if I continue to do what I'm doing, actually following the Weight Watchers plan better, I should be able to lose the 20 lbs necessary. See what happens? I see a glimmer of hope and I get excited. Then when I don't do as well, I become disillusioned. But you have to have a goal, and you have to stretch yourself, and you have to make changes, and you have to learn from any mistakes you make. Right?

YIPPEEEEE! I weighed 218! I finally hit 10%!! I opened my Excel file to update the chart and saw that yesterday I put in 218 as a visualization exercise. It came true! I got the 10% keychain! I'm really excited now. Plus I bought a pedometer at CVS which was on sale from 35 to 23.97. Now I can keep track of how much I walk and challenge myself on that avenue as well.

Oh, and another thing. I actually threw away 1/2 an apple today. I don't think I've ever done that before. It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be and instead of eating it anyway, I threw it away. Watch out world! My afternoon snack was a small bunch of green grapes. They didn't taste good either. Very tasteless. I'm disappointed in HEB's fruit lately.

By the way, I'm putting 135 in the title of my posts because that's my goal, and I haven't mentioned it lately. If the title has 135 in it, I'll be reminded more often. Always thinking . . .

1 serv grits with 2 tbsp lite margarine (YUM)
1/2 large apple (1)
1 HEB Lean Selections (5)
20 green grapes
Chicken breast with rice made with beef bouillion(?)
2 peppermints

2 miles after work


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