Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weight Loss Journey, Reunions

This has been a weekend of reunions!

My son went to El Paso to see his best friend. Saturday night a bunch of us from our graduating class got together for dinner. A mini reunion. There were some I hadn't seen in 20-40 years!

Today, 3 of my cousins on my Dad's side of the family got together for dinner in Kerrville. I hadn't seen them since their mom died about 14 years ago! There were 25 of us at least! We met at a great restaurant called Billy Gene's on Junction Hwy. Our waitress was Lynn, and she was awesome! The kids switched places a couple of times, and she kept up with them. I was very impressed. She offered to take a photograph of the group of us. We should have taken her up on it.

I mentioned yesterday that I would be challenged because of these events. I didn't handle last night very well. But today I was much better.

2 servings of Grits with 2 tbsp margarine (6 pts)
1/2 serving King Ranch chicken (8 pts)
1/2 baked sweet potato with butter
green beans
vanilla cone from Sonic
large Diet Coke with Vanilla


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