Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weight Loss Journey, SNAP!

My son and I started snapping our fingers when one of us says something negative. At Toastmasters meetings, when someone says "ah," the "ah" counter rings a bell; so before you know it, that annoying habit is gone. We're snapping for negative comments, and I think I'm even censoring my thoughts. You know, what comes out of your mouth should have started out in your head. Although, sometimes I wonder where things I say come from. ;O) I'm actually much happier now.

I have a couple of challenges ahead of me today. My daughter is having a lia sophia jewelry party, and, afterward, I'm going to a classmate's house to work on the table decorations for our class reunion. There will be food at both. Until just this moment, I was planning to throw caution to the wind and enjoy whatever food is being served at both places. But then I'd have to write it down for you to see. And where would that put me on my journey? Back to last week most probably. I want to continue to 135, so I have to make sure I don't take as many detours as I have been. I don't want to run out of gas before I get there!

SO, I'll avoid baked goods (except my cookies), dips, and chips. Wish me luck!

Starting today, I'll add any off-scale victory that I celebrate. Like last Sunday, I actually put my clothes in the dryer for the first time in years! I stopped drying them in the dryer because the clothes get too tight. Consequently, all door frames have something hanging in them when I do laundry. Starting last week, that's a thing of the past.

I listened to Belleruth while taking my nap -- The CD has 2 tracks, 1 is the guided meditation, and 1 is affirmations. The affirmations are great! If you don't have something like this, consider it. The affirmations will give me different things to say to myself when old tapes start to play.

I've been challenged to walk or workout 6 days a week. I don't really have time today, so I'll start tomorrow. Tuesday and Thursday are already part of my walk routine, so I'm 1/3 of the way there.

Grilled mozzarella cheese sandwich on dry whole wheat bread (4 pts)
2 cookies (that I baked using chocolate cake mix, 2 large eggs, and 1 small carton unsweetened applesauce (2 cookies = 3 WW points -- if I figured it right)
1 serving Scallops with Pasta and Pesto (yes, I still have some left -- 1 more serving to go) (6 pts)
veggies at my daughter's
My friend's:
lots of salad w/4 tbsp Ken's Smokehouse Olive Oil vinaigrette dressing
100 huge olives with garlic (a slight exaggeration)
5 or 6 black olives
lots of fruit
fruit/pudding trifle (light and delicious)
cheese and crackers
4 more cookies
5 mojitos (or was it 7?)

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