Saturday, June 9, 2012

Full Saturday Ahead

I planned to go to the gym this morning, but that danged little voice talked me out of it. My ankle hurt a lot when I got home after the rehearsal, and I was on my feet 1/10 of the time I will be today! I decided to rest my ankle this morning. I'll have to wear comfortable shoes. Not pretty, but comfy. I seem to have lost a pair of shoes somewhere. They're soft and cushy, and they're missing.

I went to a retirement brunch for a dear friend at Mimi's in the Rim. I love Mimi's. The food there is fabulous. And the people who attended the brunch are ladies I've known for many years at work. The limited menu was full of wonderful options. I chose a Cob salad, which was fabulous. Each guest got a cupcake from Gina's, and my meal came with a muffin. I got them both to go, so Andy and I had a treat after I got home from the wedding.

I'm envious and sad at the same time about my friend retiring. Envious because she won't have to go to work every day, and her time will be her own. Sad because this means I won't see her nearly as much as I do now. Unfortunately, that hasn't been very much lately because of my Toastmasters involvement this past year. I'm hoping she'll be able to join us for our weekly meetings once she figures out her retirement schedule. We discussed a monthly dinner at Mimi's. I like that idea a lot!!!

After the party, I headed to church for the wedding. We have Altar Guild this weekend, so my partner and I will get there early to do our duties before the wedding craziness begins. The rehearsal was long, but we got through it, and I think everyone is comfortable with how the wedding will happen.

Once I got home after the wedding, I was exhausted and my ankle hurt a lot, so I just had cereal for dinner. I watched TV for a couple of hours, then I took a hot, relaxing bath with some bath salts that I received for my birthday. The combination of herbs smelled so good. It was such a pleasure. I climbed into bed, and before I knew it, I was sound asleep.

I have to have a doctor look at my ankle to see what's wrong with it. It hurts when I step on it. The pain came on all of a sudden when I was on vacation the first week of April. It's been 2 months, and it still hurts. Dang. I was hoping it would heal itself. I was thinking it starting hurting because I wore mules the whole time I was on vacation. But not wearing them hasn't helped it any. I found the comfy, cushy shoes yesterday while rummaging through my trunk for tissue paper, so I'll try wearing them for a few days to see if they help.

Once my ankle heals, I think I'll be able to hit the gym more fully. I tried the Zumba class, but I only made it through 30 minutes before I had to quit for the pain. I can't imagine what I did to hurt it.


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