Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Size 12!!!

I took stock of my weight loss journey for the past year by graphing the weight I lost. I joined Perfect Solutions Sept. 7, 2012, and in the first 4 months, including the Holidays, I lost 35 pounds. Then in the next 8 months, I lost 15 pounds.

When I whined to Cecilia about this last week, she reminded me of the stressful 8 months we've had. She reminded me that if I hadn't been going to Perfect Solutions through all this, I'd probably be right back where I started this time last year.

Instead, I feel great!

Today I had to buy new slacks because I was down to 3 pairs, and they are getting too baggy. I headed to JC Penney to buy the cheapest slacks I could find because I don't plan to wear them long.

At first, out of habit and lack of self esteem, I was in the Women's section looking at 1X tops; then I realized I should get out of that department. I actually had to search for the Ladies' department. I picked out a couple size 14 slacks and decided to take a pair of size 12 just in case. The size 12 fit! I was flabbergasted. I haven't worn size 12 since my daughter was born!

I have to admit that I'm larger now than I was in 1982 when I wore size 12. Vanity sizing has taken over. A 2013 size 12 is much larger than a 1982 size 12. But, that's OK with me. It feels so good to be down to a size I never thought I'd wear again.

My house makeover included putting all my workout machinery in one room. I put a TV in that room so I could watch TV while I work out. Now, I keep finding things to do that keep me out of there. I spent the past 3 weeks or so putting the photos of the house makeover before and after together. Now that's done.

I still have about 15 boxes to unpack and lots of things to organize. My office is still a mess, and the guest room needs lots of work.

In addition to that, I have computer things to do. Our Toastmasters club dues are due, and I have to set up the Paypal account so we can take credit cards. I have to update the Slick Talkers website (way overdue). Plus I freelance as the webmaster for the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library.

Not conducive to working out.

I keep thinking, once I finish this, I'll start working out. Then something else comes up. So, I guess I'll have to actually get my but in there and get started, even if it is 5 minutes. Then, by Christmas, maybe I'll be in size 10!


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