Sunday, June 16, 2013

Still on the losing track!

I've been so busy working on my house and blogging about it at that I haven't blogged about my weight loss journey.

The good news is . . . I'm still losing. I've lost 56 pounds! It's slow, but it's steady, especially since the middle of May. It's been more than 20 years since I've weighed 185, and that's where I'm hovering now.

I had a gain the week of my birthday, but it was only 1.4 lbs, so it wasn't too bad. My birthday was the day before weigh-in. I ate Zuppa Toscana and salad at Olive Garden for lunch, and I ate my weight in tortilla chips and salsa at Alamo Cafe for dinner.

Perfect Solutions had a 5K walk and breakfast last Sunday, which I paid for. But I didn't get to go. I woke up thinking of all the things I had to do for the reno crew, and before I knew it, it was 11:00! I missed going to church, too.

After church, I stopped by to visit a friend in the hospital, and they were complimenting me for my beauty. They've never seen me this thin. I told them that I feel like I get younger every day. I don't have shower curtains in the bathrooms, so I have to take a bath. The other night, I actually sat cross-legged in the tub and leaned over far enough to wash my hair under the faucet. I consider that a BIG WIN!!!

We moved the fridge out to the back porch today, and after the crew left, I hit it to fix a salad for dinner. The light was off! Oh no!!! We must have tripped a breaker, because I had to plug in the fridge in the house. The back door is ajar ever so slightly. A Charlie bar will help keep it locked. I'm so grateful I didn't decide to go out for dinner (use the reno as an excuse to not have a salad).

Actually, I love my salads. I just ate 2 helpings, and I'm shaming myself out of having another. I think the balsamic vinegar dressing (just the vinegar) is the key. And the orange-flavored cranberries. It's just enough sweet with the balsamic vinegar to make it awesome.

I'm planning to have a salad luncheon with a couple of friends soon. I may not be able to wait until my kitchen is complete to do this.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. If you want to know what I'm up to, please visit my personal development blog at the address above.


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