Wednesday, October 10, 2012

25 LBS!!!


When I stepped on the scale this morning I was so excited! This journey was tough until I put my head on straight and found a plan that works for me. My "it's not my truth" friend told me the weight would just fall off, and it is.

I've never been on a plan like this one. It incorporates all the things my body needed. Fruits, vegetables, white meat (turkey, fish, chicken), no sugar, and no salt. I've known for 35 years that my body doesn't handle carbs well, yet I was still eating them.

My blood pressure was getting to be a problem since my allergies were discovered because I was substituting salt for the other spices that I can't use - namely garlic and onion. I was suffering from gout, which meant we added 2 more meds to my routine. I really rattle to bed and out the door in the morning from all the meds and vitamins that I take. But, I'm healthy and happy!

I've lost weight in my backside and feet - of all places. Actually, my stomach is starting to show some changes. Now I need to incorporate exercise into my routine. I don't want to be thin and flabby.

I'm on the road, and it's looking promising.


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