Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Oops, I let yesterday slip by without blogging. I truly wanted to try to do a full year. I was busy, good busy, shopping, keeping up with the household chores, watching the NCIS marathon, going through magazines looking for images for my 2011 vision board, and enjoying life.

I had my son take a photo of me so I could put my face on any image of a woman that I put on my vision board. It's like the Book of Possibilities that Georgia had in The Last Holiday.

I started out eating on the WW plan, and as usual got a bit side tracked. Not too much. We don't have much junk food left, so that keeps me honest. I roasted a chicken with stuffing and ate lots of carrots and grapes. Unfortunately, I let the green beans rot in the refrigerator, so I couldn't make green bean casserole to go with the chicken. Friday morning I baked several sweet potatoes so I have them to snack on when needed. They're so sweet. I love them baked. The first thing I did yesterday was ride my bike for 10 minutes. The shopping (2 shopping trips) and keeping the kitchen straightened helped keep me busy.


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