Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm trying . . .

What was it about this year that so many of us went completely out of control during the holidays? I don't think I've ever been this crazy about food. Maybe a year of dieting was just too much. I can't say I've actually been dieting because if you look at my chart, you can see that the last time I actually lost weight was in May. That's really sad. Here it is 7 months later, and I'm gaining it back.

I'm trying. I had beef for breakfast so I could stave off hunger as long as possible. Two eggs are just not doing it for me. Maybe I'll try my grilled cheese in the morning. Then I had a banana for mid-morning snack. I had 3 tamales for lunch. They weren't greasy because I steamed them Christmas eve, and all the grease ended up in the steam water. GROSS ;(. I had the leftover salad from Christmas and a few bites of fruit salad.

I met 3 friends at Mimi's and we had a wonderful meal of stories, gift exchanging, visiting. I love my "sisters." I looked at the menu beforehand and picked out a broiled Chicken & fruit it was 11 points. And I ordered a cafe latte because it was 3 points. I ended up with 2 lattes because the first one got cold before I could finish it. I asked the waiter if he could warm it up, and he replaced it. It was actually too much. I also went crazy with the artichoke dip and garlic bread. It was delicious! My meal came with a muffin, which I saved for my son.

My stomach doesn't feel so good. I don't foresee any more meals like this for a while. I have 2 more friends who I usually share a meal with during the holidays. Maybe we'll do something soon. For the past few years, we've done a progressive dinner where we have appetizers at one house, the main meal at another, and dessert at the third house. That way we can visit, check out each other's decorations, and share a fun meal.

I think I managed something like 1500 steps today. I'll have to verify.


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