Friday, October 22, 2010

On the track again!

We decided to try the 2-mile track yesterday, and if the mutant mosquitoes were there, we'd turn back. But the road had been resurfaced and there wasn't any grass, so we trekked along at a pretty good clip. I think we did the 2 miles in about 40 minutes! We were pretty proud of ourselves!

Then I got home and attacked the rest of the dump cake we had in the fridge. I ate probably 5 servings along with 3 tacos. I was so tired because of the stressful week that I went to bed about 9:30. About 11:45, I woke up when I realized my left leg was wanting to cramp, and I was holding my left big toe down with my right foot. Then my right food started to cramp, and I couldn't hold down that big toe. I got into the bathtub with warm water. That was NOT where I wanted to be -- I was feeling lethargic and weak from all the dump cake (sort of a sugar letdown). I kept falling asleep in the tub. I got out and crawled back into bed. About 45 minutes later, my right leg (the muscles around my shin) was cramping so badly I wanted to cry. I went to the kitchen and heated a wet towel in the microwave. But the pain was so excruciating, I couldn't even get the towel on my leg. I ended up back in the tub with the water so hot I almost couldn't stand it. After 30 minutes, my legs were much more relaxed, and I could actually go back to sleep. So, the secret is to warm up and cool down! Gee where have I heard that?

I gained .6 when I weighed in yesterday. Actually, that was good considering how poorly I've eated this past week. Well, now that I think about it, I offset the bad things with much more vegetables and food on plan. I've actually eaten salads and carrots every day this week. I've had yogurt a couple of times, and cereal for breakfast. And I actually measured the cereal yesterday! I'm learning ... But I'm a slow learner.

This is a journey to lose to 135. I've always wanted to lose it quickly, but then I gain it back quickly. The point this time is to learn, to try, to test, to figure it out, and to make the changes permanent. I've dieted before and lost weight, then as soon as I get close to my goal weight or decided I've had it with dieting, I go right back to my old eating habits and gain it back and then some. I've actually dieted myself to this weight. I think I mentioned that before, but it's the truth.

I've decided that I like the support of the Weight Watchers meetings, but I don't care for the point system. I did very well with the LA Weight Loss plan, and I think I'm going to look for one of my old eating plans from when I went to LA Weight Loss. It was just like Weight Watchers used to be, with food groups and portion control. The point system just doesn't work for me. I'd rather have a cup of vegetables and count it as a vegetable and 3 ounces of protein and count it as a protein. I don't like having to add the fats, calories, fiber, and count the points.

grilled cheese sandwich (4)
10 baby carrots (0)
3 cups salad (3)
2 beef fajita tacos with grated colby/jack cheese and salsa on flour tortillas (10 at least)
1 serving dump cake, 1 rice crispie treat (10)
1 chicken sandwich (4)
snacks at a meeting:
2 strawberries dipped in chocolate
1 truffle

?? (I left my pedometer at weight watchers @ work)


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