Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Group Gets Larger

Today there were 7 of us having a good time, preparing for the class reunion, shopping, eating, visiting. I got lost at the airport and drove around the parking lot twice before I finally figured out how to get to the parking lot on my third time around. By the time I got parked, the other 6 met me right inside the terminal. What I saved on parking fees, I'm sure I spent on gas.

The first order of the day was to eat. We headed to Artisan's Alley to eat at the Pomegranate, but it was closed so we ended up at Bin 555. I got a large field greens salad with their vinaigrette and dried cranberries. It was delish.

The next stop was Spec's to get the party started. I didn't buy anything because I don't drink alcohol much anymore. I really like White Zin, but it doesn't taste good right now. So I decided I'd be the designated driver if needed.

Then we went to HEB. I forgot to bring my coffee (Snickernut Cookie), so I had to buy the supplies. They didn't have the contraption that holds the filter -- bummer! I checked at Wal-Mart in my sister's neighborhood, but they didn't have any either.

Salads Mixed Field Greens and Taco salad at Garcia's without the shell and sour cream. and I age my weight in tortilla chips. They had the best chips and salsa!

6173 steps!


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