Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Group Gets Larger Still

So far this class reunion is a blast. I really like staying at my sister's house. They are great hosts, and it's so quiet in the country. I love it. It really is helping me destress. I forgot what it was like to sleep without hearing neighbors and cars and ambulances, oh my!

I needed to return some items to the library, and I found one that was open at 10:00, so a friend and I headed over there. We stopped at HEB looking for the coffee contraption, and she wanted jalapeƱo salt. She found the salt, but I didn't find the contraption. Then we headed to Homestead Handcrafts. We looked at every booth, touched about 1/4 of everything in the store, and enjoyed ourselves reminiscing, laughing, ooohing and aahing, and visiting.

One more HEB, and still no contraption. We did find one with a cup -- a little higher end than I was looking for. But, at least she saw what I was talking about so she can get one when she returns home. It's great for making one cup of coffee.

We went to the airport to pick up a classmate and was she surprised to see 6 of us there to greet her!

There were 13 class mates and 2 spouses for dinner. It was so much fun visiting with everyone including the spouses.

I was so bad today eatingwise. I ate zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, strawberry bread, a scone or two, and pull-apart bread -- and that was just breakfast! Anything that was put in front of me, in other words. Then we had KFC for lunch and lasagna, olives, bruschetta, and tiramisu for dinner. I did fix a large salad, and ate that first thinking I'd fill up on that and just eat half the lasagna. But, I managed to eat it all. I'll suffer tonight for sure. And deservedly so ;O)

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