Monday, October 11, 2010

Blast from the Past, Now Back to the Future

Our 40th Class Reunion was so much fun! It was a hoot getting to know people all over again. There was a good mix of folks. Some I knew in high school, some I didn't. I had a very small circle of friends in high school and I only went to SCHS 2 years. One of my closest friends is someone I met half way through our Junior year. She sat behind me in shorthand and asked me to sit with my steno pad angled so she could copy off it. I knew that girl was crazy!

Thursday was a sort of warm up with delicious lasagna and wine. There were 15 of us that night.

Friday night was a mixer with appetizers, drinks, and fajita tacos. I had 1-1/2 margaritas, water, and a few snacks. Then I had 2 tacos. Between 60 and 65 people made it to the Friday night shindig.

Saturday night there were 70 of us for barbeque that was out of this world from Harmon's BBQ in Cibolo, Texas, along with dancing and fun times. I was the emcee for the awards and wild and crazy stories.

My sister was sweet enough to let me stay at her house from Wednesday night through Sunday. I barely saw her until Saturday when we spent the morning and early afternoon together. Other than that, we passed each other in the hall in the morning when I was going to turn on the coffee and she was putting something in the dryer.

One thing we didn't have a shortage of all weekend was food. Our hostess baked and cooked herself half to death, and we reaped the benefits. She's an awesome cook.

I didn't get a whole lot of exercise. I ate my weight in banana, zucchini & pumpkin bread.


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