Monday, October 18, 2010


For some reason, I'm craving sweets these days. Maybe it's because I've finally got my sense of taste back. Is that a good thing?

Saturday when I was at the grocery store, I bought a package of Halloween Oreos. We sat down with cups of milk and ate all but 3 cookies. We had chocolate overload for sure. That was brunch!

I enjoy celebrating birthdays, and for a while we had would have cake for everyone celebrating each month. Then the parties stopped. I told my manager that I'd bake something for office birthdays. That way, I can bake, which I enjoy, and my son and I can have a taste without having to deal with the leftovers.

I tried a dump cake yesterday so I'd have an idea of how many it would feed. We ate some of it and packed the rest. So I may make it tonight to take to the office tomorrow. I need to double the recipe, so I'll find out how that works.

I also made some candy using a recipe that a friend makes. I put too many rice crispies in it, but it was good nevertheless. Another no-no.

I HAVE to get back on track.


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