Saturday, August 14, 2010

Journey to 135, Finishing off the Cake ;O(

Yesterday caught up with me. I gained about 2 lbs! I knew I wasn't behaving, but sometimes you have to let loose. Today I'm starting out with grits mainly because I love them and I don't feel like cooking anything.

I'm working at the office today on a proposal, so I need to find something to pack for lunch. I put my pedometer on first thing this morning, and I've already walked 222 steps, and that's just to the kitchen a couple of times for coffee.

I managed to finish off the leftover cake from yesterday. And it wasn't even good. Food has been tasteless to me lately. But that doesn't stop me. For lunch we went to Bill Miller's and I got a poorboy plus with french fries. Everything was tasteless. Maybe my body is craving salt because I'm sweating it all off while walking after work. Anyway, food doesn't have to taste good for me. I'll eat it anyway. BAD Plan!

I had a very sedentary Saturday because I ended up editing at work and reading while I waited for an appt. I only walked 2421 steps.

2 serv grits with 2 tbsp lite margarine (6)
1 poorboy plus with french fries (too many)
1 small salad with Lite balsamic vinaigrette dressing
2 hamburger patties

2421 steps


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