Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Journey to 135, Life as Usual

Today we have a meeting to discuss our Toastmasters celebration of 18 years as a club. The party will be this Friday, and I'm disappointed that we only have 15 RSVPs so far. I'm hoping I'll be surprised when I check today.

Last night, I vegged! I haven't done that in a long time. I had the house to myself, and I relaxed in my recliner, learned how to use my TV remote control, and petted my cat.

It's funny, I lowered the number of channels on my U-Verse account, and I now like the channels we have more than when I had 3 times as many channels.

I didn't plan lunch well for today, consequently, I was hungry all day. But I managed to avoid the vending machine. Only by sheer willpower.

I read something interesting in Success Magazine. I'll have to see who wrote it. The article said we spend more time listening to ourselves than we do talking to ourselves. Do you know that means we let that little voice that gets us in trouble all the time call the shots. We should be TELLING ourselves how to live a better life by doing more, thinking more, studying more.

1 serv Grits with 2 tbsp lite margarine (3?)
1 cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread, mustard and 2 slices 2/3 fat cheese (4)
1 serv sugar-free apple sauce (1)
12 baby carrotsm (1)
3 oz beef with potatoes (6)
5 chalupa shells (3 with mozarella cheese) (11)
1 glass skim milk with lite chocolate

Walked to another building for a meeting
Walked 2 miles after work


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