Friday, August 6, 2010

Journey to 135, A Cruise in Our Future?

OK, I know you're probably tired of seeing "I'm excited!" But I am!

A friend and I have decided to take a cruise. I've been wanting to do this one for 2-1/2 years! Now I HAVE to lose as much weight as I can before the cruise. I'm motivated now!

Notice my new title? 135 is my target weight, and I realized I hadn't mentioned it since the first post or so. 135 should be in front of me at all times. I have to visualize me at 135. I may have to do more photos with my head on nice bodies so I can "see" me at 135.

One of my struggles is that I don't have a realistic image of what I look like. In my head, I'm thin -- actually, I'm voluptuous and gorgeous. But in reality, I'm not; gorgeous maybe, voluptuous, maybe, but thin, NOT!

Last night was the first time I didn't celebrate a weight loss -- I must be learning something ;O) Then after walking 2 miles at my friend's pace (actually a bit slower than she naturally walks), I weighed 216 on my scale at home (not official).

1 serving grits with big glob of lite margarine
1 salad from the salad bar at Marie Callendar's with fat-free vinaigrette
1 small slice cornbread, which is dry without lots of margarine
2 cups brown rice (left over from last night)
6 chalupa shell cheese nachos


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