Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weight Loss Journey, Staying Even at the Scale

It's amazing how easily I can undo all the good I did by eating 1 slice of pizza! Of course, that's what kept rolling around in my head today after I weighed in at WeightWatchers and didn't gain or lose. But truly, it wasn't the slice of pizza -- it was all the other things I did that weren't good choices. Now that I think of it, maybe it was the mojitos Saturday night.

I went over my points every day. I had a piece of German chocolate cake (the end piece with all the icing), 3 cookies PLUS the slice of pizza! I'll have to add all the points for the week to see how much I went over. I believe I get 26 a day + 35 extra for the week. That adds up to 5 extra points a day.

Don't you think it's pretty sad that I can't remember how many points I get a day? That should be first and foremost in my mind. Starting TODAY (not tomorrow), I'll keep it at 26. I do have to find out how many extra points I get for walking 2 miles when I do. We're walking a 20-minute mile consistently, so that's good. AND I don't complain anymore. My walking partner HAS to enjoy that.

I've walked 3 times this week! I know I said I'd walk 5 times, but it looked like rain yesterday, and if I walked, I couldn't indulge at the retirement reception, so we talked each other out of walking. Life is tough when you're spineless. I should know.

I'm going to a baby shower at my sister's Saturday, then to a Mexican restaurant with a bunch of my high school classmates. So I HAVE to store up points for those 2 events.

Grilled cheese sandwich with 2 slices of 1/3-fat cheese, and 2 slices whole wheat bread (4 pts)
1 cup cappucino (at Jaguar) (3 pts?)
1 can pinto beans (right out of the can) (6 pts)
6 almonds (1 pt)
1/4 bagel with taste of cream cheese (2 pts)
1 pkg crisps (2 pts)
1 hamburger patty (4 pts)
1-1/2 serving potato salad (1 tbsp mayo) (3 pts)

Walk to and from WeightWatchers meeting
Walked 2 miles after work

221.4 (exactly the same as last week)



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