Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weight Loss Journey, Sabotaging Myself

It rained today most of the day, so it was easy to talk ourselves out of walking this evening. And that meant I could eat at the retirement ceremony I went to at the end of the day. The usual retirement fare includes vegetables, fruits, dip, flautas (or taquitos), cake, and cookies. In addition to the usual, there was crab salad, with slices of french bread toasted with cheese. I had lots of vegetables, some fruit, a slice of cake and 3 cookies. I indulged. I admit it. The night before weigh in wasn't too smart.

I'm trying not to plan my days around weigh ins. I want to get into good habits and have losing weight be a result of my good choices. Not the reason for the good habits. Does that make sense?

I walked to and from the retirement party. That was the only exercise I got because I worked through lunch.

1 small baked potatoe browned with 2 egg whites (1 pt)
1 small gala apple (1 pt)
1 patty of 1/2 turkey breast and 1/2 ground round (4 pts)
1-1/2 servings potato/kale soup
1 cup broccoli
3 small celery pieces
crab salad
1 small sl french bread w/cheese
3 cubes watermelon
2 cubes cantaloupe
1 slice german chocolate cake
3 cookies
1 slice stuffed crust pepperoni pizza

Walked to and from Cafeteria


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