Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today was a rollercoaster for sure! I woke up with hives all over. I even had hives on my face! I think they're from all the lettuce and spinach I've eaten this past week. They are a couple of the foods that I'm allergic to. I'll have to pull out the list of approved vegetables to find something else to eat instead. I've taken the easy way out because pulling some salad fixings out of a bag and throwing some steamed chicken, balsamic vinegar and safflower oil on it has been easy, and I've been losing successfully. But, it's time, for sure.

This morning I was able to get those black jeans on, buttoned, and zipped! And I could breathe! Unfortunately, they came with a large muffin top ;O] So, it'll be a while before I try to wear them in public. The fashion police will probably have something to say about the condition of my jeans. They are Gloria Vanderbilts. Is she still alive? I think I bought them in 1989!

Well, the starvation was worth it! I lost 4 lbs! I was disappointed because I wanted to lose 5.6 lbs to make up for the gain and to get back on track. I've lost 26 lbs since joining Perfect Solution! Just 2.6 more pounds, and I'll be in completely foreign territory. I haven't weighed less than 205 in about 15 years!

Today was the Thanksgiving Dinner at SwRI. I joined a long-time friend for lunch, and I really enjoyed  the time we had together. I was scarfing down the delicious food when she said she was full. It dawned on me that I hadn't even come up for air, but all in all, I was pretty good! I swapped green beans for mashed potatoes, and I skipped the bread and desserts. I felt pretty good about my choices. Then when I got back to the office, there was a huge cheesecake in the coffee room. If I gained weight just by thinking and looking, I would have gained at least 8 lbs today. But, I didn't even take a taste!

Lynda from Jaguar called to let me know what was wrong with my car. She said that I need a water pump, new front brake pads, and a valve gasket seal (?). The total is $4,000! Well, I did some soul searching and considered selling the car. I went to the credit union and with some shuffling, I'll be able to get the repairs and pay less each paycheck because the rates have dropped so low. And, because it'll be a signature loan, the car will be released (I think) so I can buy a cheap used car the next time this one craps out on me.

All in all, it was a good day.


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