Friday, December 7, 2012


Yesterday I went to weigh in and fully expected a 2-lb loss - or more. Alyssa said I gained 0.6! I had to leave the room. I was so disappointed that I went into the restroom to compose myself. When I came back out, she tried to console me because I was crying. She was looking at my history and said I was consistent and that I'd be back on track soon. She said she could see my determination in the way I was consistently losing weight. Not like lots of their clients. Yesterday's weigh in showed fat lost, but not weight loss, which meant I'd show a loss next week. That's what they said last week.

I shouldn't let the scale determine my success, but after 60 years, it's a habit.

OK. I was in Chicago last week, but I ate salads all week - not my salads with only the things I should have. Maybe I should have been more discriminating by requesting them without the bacon, bleu cheese, or whatever was included that I knew I shouldn't have. I walked every day. So I thought I was walking it off. When I returned Saturday, I got back on track. I followed the plan to the letter from Saturday. I even started having almond milk fruit smoothies with blueberries and cherries for dinner. Normally, that in itself would show a weight loss. So, was the food I ate in Chicago worse than I thought?

In addition to the salads with questionable contents, there were the 3 large cookies - 1 a day - during the afternoon break. Oh, and there was that brownie, and the 2 cookies I had Tuesday after the awards ceremony. But that was all. Cecilia said we can expect to not lose weight for 3 days for every cookie. Jeez. That's means 18 days. Holy cow! No drop in weight until Dec. 15! Not so; I have a plan

Maybe I'm not eating enough. Maybe it's because I'm stressed at work. Maybe I should exercise. Maybe I should drink more water. I can fix 3 of these, so that's my plan.

I started today with a beet, spinach, and apple smoothie. YUUUUK! It smelled and tasted like dirt, and because I used a blender, it was pulpy. The pulp caught in my throat, so I'd take a couple big swigs, and wash it down with coffee. I got most of it down. Now my stomach is upset. Who can blame it?

Does a juicer leave pulp? I never thought I'd say this, but maybe I should consider getting a juicer. Are there any recommendations? Is the pulp healthier than a smooth juice?

Cecilia said she and her husband did a 5-day juice plan, and she lost the last 7 pounds that she'd been struggling to lose after having the baby, and their energy level was through the roof. After the 5 days, they decided to continue another 9 days. She said it wasn't easy because she wants to chew something, but it had amazing results. I always wonder if those results are lasting. But, I'm willing to try. My goal is to be below 200 by New Years Eve, and if juicing is the way to accomplish that, so be it. I probably won't do it for 14 days, just the 2 she recommended or until I just can't do it another day.


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